• Public Offer Agreement
    The service of trust management of the investor's funds on the general account of the VIP UNITY TRADE company, is formalized by the Agreement of the Public Offer " On trust management of funds».
    A public offer agreement is a method of concluding a contract, with an offer to an unlimited number of persons to conclude a contract. The main advantage of entering into this type of contract is a significant reduction in the time of its registration.
    The offer agreement, in accordance with international law, does not require signing. The moment of its conclusion is legally the execution of the actions specified in the contract, in this case-the registration and investment on the official website of VIP UNITY TRADE.
    Public Offer Agreement on trust management of funds:

    1.Subject of the agreement
    1.1. The Investor transfers to the trust management (hereinafter referred to as management) of the VIP UNITY TRADE company the funds owned by the Investor on the rights of ownership
    1.2. VIP UNITY TRADE Company accepts the management of the funds owned by the Investor on the right of ownership and undertakes to manage them in accordance with the procedure established by this Agreement.
    1.3. Money management consists in conducting operations on trading accounts and is carried out by making bets (bets) in sports events, in official betting companies, trading on the ICE intercontinental exchange, the international Forex market (Forex), speculation through banks ' applications with shares in the short-term market, speculation in the short-term crypto-currency market through the largest crypto-exchanges (including staking), binary options trading with reliable brokers and other activities, in order to extract maximum profit.

    2. Rights and obligations of the parties
    2.1. Rights and obligations of VIP UNITY TRADE.
    2.1.1. VIP UNITY TRADE undertakes not to disclose to third parties information that allows access to the management of the Investor's funds on the general balance sheet.
    2.1.2. VIP UNITY TRADE is obliged to notify the Investor within 24 hours from the moment of making the investment that the funds have been received in full.
    2.1.3. VIP UNITY TRADE cappers/traders have the right to make financial transactions at their own discretion.
    2.1.4. VIP UNITY TRADE Company has the right to receive a part of the profit for the services provided to the Investor for the management of the investor's funds.
    2.1.5 VIP UNITY TRADE Company is obliged to return the deposited funds to the Investor at the request of the investor, but not earlier than 5 five working days after the opening of the deposit.

    2.2. Rights and obligations of the Investor.
    2.2.1. The investor has the right to withdraw the deposited funds from the VIP UNITY TRADE company at the end of the deposit freeze period, without explaining the reasons, in accordance with the clause 2.1.5 this Agreement.
    2.2.2 The Investor and VIP UNITY TRADE may not transfer their rights and obligations under this Agreement to third parties.

    3. Settlements between the Investor and VIP UNITY TRADE at the end of the reporting period
    3.1. The Investor's remuneration is transferred by electronic payment through electronic payment systems.

    4. Term of the Agreement
    4.1. This Agreement comes into force from the moment of its signing by the Parties and is valid until its termination.
    4.2. The moment of signing this agreement is the moment of registration and making an investment.
    4.3. Termination of this Agreement unilaterally is possible only under the conditions specified in the clause 2.1.5. Each of the Parties to this Agreement has the right to terminate this Agreement by notifying the other Party at least ten calendar days in advance.

    5.Force majeure
    5.1.In the event of circumstances of force majeure (force majeure), entailing the impossibility of full or partial performance of any of the Parties ' obligations under this Agreement, namely: fire, war, natural disasters, etc., the performance of obligations under this Agreement is suspended in proportion to the time during which such circumstances apply.
    The Party that is unable to fulfill its obligations under this Agreement due to the occurrence of force majeure circumstances must notify the other Party in any possible way about the occurrence (termination) of such circumstances no later than 10 (ten) days from the date of the beginning (termination) of these circumstances.

    6. Notification of the client's risk
    6.1. The risk of losses in all areas of VIP UNITY TRADE can be very significant. Therefore, the Investor needs to carefully analyze their financial risks in relation to such operations.
    6.2. The Investor is fully responsible for the risks.
    6.3 VIP UNITY TRADE, for its part, undertakes to make every effort to minimize and avoid risks when conducting financial transactions by the company's specialists.

    The administration of VIP UNITY TRADE company wishes you successful investments and stable income!

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