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What do you do?

The main activity of the company is professional work with bets from reliable bookmakers, binary options trading, trading on international commodity exchanges and the international currency exchange, short-term speculation with crypto tokens, short-term stock speculation through banks.

Who manages my funds?

Cash management is carried out by the company's capper/trader team.

Every day, the company's leading cappers / traders publish free and paid forecasts for sports + signals for self-trading MORE.

Due to the work of the team, diversification is achieved, reducing the risks in the operations carried out. 

In the event that even one of the cappers / traders conducts an unsuccessful (minus) operation (it is physically impossible to work in the plus all the time), for due to other operations of the rest of the team, an overall positive result is achieved. 

Even if, under a fantastic set of circumstances, the total final minus for the day is obtained, our investors will still receive a profit from the constantly replenished financial reserve of the company. 

Where to start? 

In order to become a client/investor/partner of the company, you need to register for free on the website https://vip-u.trade/ 

By agreeing to the Terms of the Agreement during registration, you automatically confirm that you are an adult in the country of which you are a citizen and using the site for personal purposes https://vip-u.trade/ do not violate the laws of your country;

To increase the level of security, you can enable 2-factor authentication to log in to your account with the receipt of a code in an email, SMS or notification in messengers.

Can I have multiple registered accounts? 

Each user can only register one account. In case of suspicion of fraud or creation of multi-accounts, the company reserves the right to block or restrict access to the investor's account until the proceedings with the confirmation of the identity of the account owner are completed..

Can my family members register from one PC and one IP address?

They can, provided that they are not linked by a referral link and the number of accounts from one IP address does not exceed 5 (five);

In case of suspected fraud, the administration reserves the right to request confirmation of the personal data of the account owner by means of verification;

What to do after registration?

After registration and authorization, you must carefully study the sections and functions of the site, specify / change your personal data and register the details of your payment systems. Please note - for your safety, the payment details are registered once and you can change them in the future only after contacting the support service. 

Such precautions are used to protect the financial resources of our investors, in the event that an attacker gains access to the account;

Are there any guarantees of the security of my personal data provided to you?

The Company guarantees the security of your personal data, in accordance with the Agreement you have accepted;

How secure is your site?

We have a wide range of security measures to protect your account. 2-factor user authorization.

Our site is protected from DDoS attacks. All transmitted data is SSL-encrypted. We use a licensed settlement script in conjunction with Internet security certificates

Our site is located on a dedicated server;

Is it possible to enter into a formal contract with you?

Each investor who has an active deposit of at least$ 100 can, if desired, enter into a formal contract with the company.

To enter into a contract, you need to request a conclusion in the Investments section by checking the box.

What payment systems can I use to top up my balance?

For your convenience, we present the main popular payment systems: Bank cards of any issuers of the world (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Mir, etc.) Payeer, Perfect Money, Qiwi, Yumani (formerly Yandex Money), Adv cash, NixMoney, Bitcoin, Litecoin and other crypto-currencies, Free kassa, FKWallet. Also, to top up your balance, you can use the monitoring of the best, proven and reliable exchange offices


When and what minimum / maximum amount can I invest?

Deposits are accepted without restrictions, seven days a week, around the clock;

The minimum deposit amount-from $ 10 The maximum deposit amount-is limited only by the maximum of the electronic payment system through which you make the transfer of funds.

How do I top up my account and open a deposit in the system? 

To top up your balance, go to the Finance section on the website, enter the deposit amount, select a payment system, agree to the terms of service by checking the box and click Top up your balance.

Then follow the standard procedure when transferring via EPS;

To open a deposit, go to the Investments section, select a tariff plan, enter the amount of the deposit, check the box Issue a contract if you want to issue it and click Open Deposit;

How long does it take for funds to be credited to the balance after the transfer when making a deposit?

It is forbidden to use the service as an exchange office with replenishment and creation of an application for payment to other EPS.
There are 2 deposit methods available:
1. Manual-with confirmation from us manually, without commissions.
2. Automatic - with an additional commission (not ours) and payment aggregates.
Payment systems may contain fees for making payments. There is no commission for the replenishment of our site specifically;

What profitability does your Company offer?? 

When choosing investments with multidirectional diversification, the return is from 73% to 730% per annum, depending on the tariff plan you choose;
When working independently on our signals and forecasts, your profitability is unlimited.
IMPORTANT: The Company, regardless of the circumstances, with the exception of force majeure, guarantees each investor a full refund (upon request) of the invested funds in accordance with the agreement concluded between individuals. a person and a company that has a legally binding official agreement.

Can I reinvest the profits I make?  

Every investor has the full right to reinvest the profits received. Description in the Investment section;
How and when is the profit accrued on the deposit? - The
payment of dividends is made every business day at the time when your deposit was opened. The interest rate of profit from trading operations and sports betting is calculated at 00.00 and brings you profit on the next business day;          

What is the minimum / maximum withdrawal amount and when will I receive the funds after the order

The minimum withdrawal amount for all EPS (Electronic Payment Systems) available at the time of withdrawal is $1
ATTENTION: The minimum amount to withdraw to Bank cards and crypto-wallets is $ 50 (fifty US dollars).
IMPORTANT: Please note that to order a payment, you
must have your details (wallet number, card number, etc.) registered in your account (Settings section). The
Company does not limit the maximum withdrawal amount.
The maximum withdrawal amount depends on the limits of the payment system you are using.
All applications for payment of profit are processed manually, strictly within 24 hours without delay.

How do I make a full refund/close a deposit

You can close the deposit at any time, but not earlier than 5 days after its opening. At the same time, if a contract was previously created, it will be canceled, and the statistics of your profit on this deposit will be grouped and removed from the general overview in the cabinet.
When you close the deposit, the funds are automatically credited to your balance, after which you can either withdraw them or open the deposit again.

What are the fees for depositing / withdrawing funds??

When depositing funds to the investor's account, the company does not charge any commissions. However, you should keep in mind that the
transfer will be charged a commission by your payment system, if any.
When withdrawing funds to the EPS, the commission is from 3% of the withdrawn amount, depending on the payment system selected for withdrawal;

How often can I order a profit payment?

Create a request for the withdrawal of profits to Electronic Payment Systems (EPS), if there is at least$ 1 on the balance, it is possible at any time, but not more than once every 24 hours;
We remind you: The minimum amount to withdraw to Bank cards and crypto-wallets is $ 50 (fifty US dollars).

What should I do if the money is not credited to my wallet within a certain period of time? 

You should contact the administration of the company in any way convenient for you - E-mail (only from the mail of registration of
your account), messengers, hotline phone, online consultant on the company's website;
When ordering the payment, please take into account the days off: Saturday, Sunday. 

Do you have an affiliate program?

There are. The affiliate program gives you the opportunity to earn additional income from 1% to 5% of the partners ' profits, attracting new investors.

To do this, it is necessary that the investors invited by you personally use your referral link. You can get a personal referral link/banners in Russian and English in your personal account, in the "Partners" section";

For actively inviting users, personal bonuses from the administration are provided.

IMPORTANT: The creation of more than one account by one user linked by a referral link (multiaccounts) for the purpose of receiving referral rewards is strictly PROHIBITED.

For the creation of multiaccounts-a BAN without a refund of the invested funds.

I want to work for you. Are there any vacancies? 

You can find out about the availability of open vacancies from the Vacancies section located in your personal account


The Administration reserves the right to restrict / block access to the investor's account, with the subsequent return of the invested funds, taking into account the funds withdrawn by the investor earlier as dividends received, in case of violation by the User of the terms of the Agreement, the rules of the service and/or the rules of investment.

The Administration reserves the right to unilaterally terminate the Agreement with the user at any time in the event of insults, threats, slander against the administration, employees, and / or users without paying the invested funds.

If you have any questions, please contact us in a convenient way: https://vip-u.trade/contacts/ 

All services of the company work 5 days a week from 8.00 to 15.00 (GMT)

Days off: Saturday, Sunday.

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